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Signs and Logos from some of our clients.

See what our customers are saying…

FedEx Freight Head of Operations …”John thanks a lot! I love the picture and its amazing how a simple sign can really change safety results..”

FedEx Freight, ……….”team members designed an electronic sign to serve as an accurate daily reminder about the importance of safety. Post-sign performance before the sign improved over 40% compared to a year later. AND saved us over 3.0 million dollars”

FedEx Freight………….”Statistics such as being ranked number 1 for year-over-year injury reduction and more than $1 million dollars claims in the Orlando district ALONE clearly shows the sign’s success.”

W Hotel (Atlanta) ………”we love our safety sign at W Atlanta Midtown. We went from having 12 accidents to only 2 last year.”

Union Pacific, ……….”safety clocks are a great help.  When we first put up the safety clock we had 7 recordable accidents and then it went to  0 recordable injuries.”

Printpack, ………….”we love the sign. We did just go 638 days without a safety related accident. Therefore, I would say the sign along with our safety program is quite successful.”

and more…

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